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Meet Torin!

Congratulations Torin our IPT Athlete of the Month!

Figure Skating
Figure skating on one leg
Figure skating on one leg

Get to know Torin!

What sports have you participated in? (past and present)

Basketball, Karate, Track

What is your favorite sport?


What is your favorite competition so far? Why?

Basketball games because of the competitive atmosphere, this gets me excited!

What is your favorite thing to eat before you do your event?

Ritz crackers or Sour Patch Kids

What is your favorite movie?

Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse

What injury did you have?

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

What did you learn from recovering from your injury?

It will always get better, no matter how painful it may seem

What advice would you give an athlete that is recovering from an injury that wants to get back to sports?

Ease your way in, don’t rush it so you can come back with full effort and not hurt yourself again.

What is your favorite quote?

Hesitation is defeat.

Who Inspires YOU?

My parents, since they work so hard to give me opportunities and my peers who push me to be better.

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