We Love Baby Feet!

Baby feet

We Love Baby Feet | By Katie Briggs, PT

Aren’t they just so cute and squishy? And guess what? Babies love their feet too! Why does that make this physical therapist’s heart so happy? Because we can use that love to our advantage.

When babies play with their feet, the benefits are amazing! They learn that their legs and cute little toes belong to them (yup – they don’t know this when they’re born!) and get a better sense of where their body is in space. Their hand-eye coordination and reaching improve. It helps them learn midline orientation, meaning where the middle of their body. And finally, it strengthens their little tummy muscles!

If you’ve got a baby three months old or older, this is a great activity to do at home. Simply lay your baby down on their back, take those tiny little socks off, and show them their feet. Rub them together a bit, help them hold them, and watch them smile. With a little practice, your little one will start playing with their feet by themselves. Before you know it, playing with their feet will be one of their favorite activities! And if they’re in physical therapy, their therapist will be very impressed!



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