Why Easter Egg Hunts Are Awesome!

Why Easter Egg Hunts Are Awesome! 
(From a Developmental Specialist’s Perspective)

By Katie Briggs, MSPT, CIMT, CKTP 

Yes, an egg hunt is fun and provides the perfect excuse for super-cute photos, but if you ask me – and yes, I’m a little biased – there are so many other reasons why a kiddo should go to one. (And yes, if you’re in town, I would highly recommend that you come to the egg hunt that Inspire PT is sponsoring on March 30th!)

First of all, the gross motor practice a child gets during an egg hunt is significant! Running, and even walking, over grass challenges a kiddo’s balance and strengthens their core. Not to mention the leg strengthening they get when they squat to pick up those precious eggs… on repeat!

From a fine motor perspective, picking up the eggs works on a young child’s hand-eye coordination and grasp, and bigger kids work on hand strength as they try to pop those plastic egg halves apart.

The sensory experiences a child gets while on the hunt are fantastic! The feeling of grass on their hands (and potentially feet) is a great way for toddlers to learn about different textures. Some young children have an aversion to touching grass, and this is a fun way to expose them while they’re distracted by everything else that’s going on. The smells of spring and the sounds of other children also add to the sensory experience.

If you have a baby who’s not yet walking, they can still gain so much from an egg hunt! Crawling on grass gives them a core workout and a significant sensory experience. And if they’re not yet crawling, they can lay on a blanket, getting some tummy time while watching the big kids hunt and experiencing the sensations of a different supporting surface and all those lovely outdoor sounds and smells.

Oh, and let’s not forget one of parents’ favorite things… For kids of all ages, the fresh air, exercise, and stimulation that an egg hunt provides all add up to a better night’s sleep after the fact! So come for the eggs and leave with so much more. Hope we see you on the 30th!

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